what was our time line and start point ?

15 Dec 2015

Dr.Crest company began producing water treatment systems.

The company’s main focus is on R.O systems, water filters and water pumps.


24 April 2020

Dr. Crest company desided to help Prevent the spread of the corona virus. since then we are manufaturing dr.crest 3-ply face masks too .

how dr.crest masks works ?

we believes that we are manufacturing dr.crest masks fully health and eco friendly

Eco friendly

no trees cut for dr.crest face masks establishing

3-ply Disposable face mask

all types of our masks created with this formula: span band – meltblown – span band (s-m -s)

Elastic ear loop

We know your concern about safe use, so we designed our masks with elastic earrings


The statistics we have collected on customer satisfaction are an honor for us


All Dr. Crest masks are packaged in multi-layered white and hygienic boxes

Professional support

We believe that you should access to the best supporting at any time & anywhere in the world

Dr. Crest stasticts

The statistics we have collected on customer satisfaction are an honor for us

So rest assured, we have no interest in losing this popularity

Stay tuned for new Dr. Crest products

We are developing and producing new products. These products will definitely surprise you

Easy Targeting

Knowing the market helps us achieve the best goal and product

Information Analysis

Our biggest concern is customer satisfaction. Therefore, by gathering customer information and knowing their demands, we always offer you the best

Produce Unique Products

We give good news that you will soon see a unique product from this company.

Why Dr. Crest ?

The best packaging, the best pricing and actually the best quality of 3-Ply disposable face mask to protect you and your family against any kind of viruses.

No manual intervention by fully automated systems , makes dr.cresst different from other mask manufacturing companies.

Huge box ( 34 packs / 1360 pcs )
98.9 $  per a box
1.666   هزار تومان

Best choice for your shop

Single pack ( 40 pcs )
1.6 $ per a pack
39  هزار تومان

Good for personal use or as a gift

Dr. Crest Technology

3-Ply Disposable Face Masks
No manual intervention by fully automatic systems
Packed in sanitary packs